Meet the Inflatapod Team

Mark - Director

Mark is the owner and powerhouse of the company and has unlimited energy. He’s usually at his desk before am (although this has not been verified because anyone with any sense is still asleep). He has worked on several stage productions including Tommy (Pete Townshend) and broadcast series for the BBC. More recently, he has been involved with camera work for Channel 4 & 5 for Big Brother. He comes from a family background of still wedding photography with his grandfather and father having been committed to this. Mark broke with tradition and took little interest in still photography. Unbelievably, he finds time for skiing and traveling. His video editing skill is legendary and he pulls the best artistic material out of raw camera footage.


Gary - Director

Gary usually enters the studio at a more sensible time than Mark generally bearing two cups of coffee. He takes care of bookings, emails, phone calls and three years of forward planning and is an integral member of the team seem. Gary’s background is in retail banking and he steps in to make sure Mark does not, in his enthusiasm, take on unviable and sometimes silly projects!


Hardeep - Event Host

Hardeep was born in Malaysia and is a Message Room hostess. She guides people to the right place at the right time and makes sure everyone enjoys their time in any of our inflatable Message Room booths. It’s hard to believe that Hardeep finds time for traveling which she enjoys immensely.


Lema - Event Host

Lema is also a Message Room hostess and has a special skill in putting people at ease. She has a background in Market Research which is huge help to our larger cooperate projects. Lema takes a keen interest in photography and owns her own horse. Owning a horse doesn’t help the company (as far as we know) but gives her some interest while away from work. We pity the poor neglected animal!


Kate - Event Host

Kate, another Message Room hostess, has limitless drive. Coming from a performances background, her motto is put the client at centre stage. She’ll make you feel important (well, just a minute - Mark says: all our clients are equally important). How does Kate find time to be a mum? We don’t know, don’t want to know but she just loves attending events.