Corporate Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Market Research Videos

For Corporate

Whatever kind of Video Feedback or Video Survey you require we've got you covered!

Find out what your customers are thinking and saying, listen to the comments on video after a conference of speech, or use Inflatapod to gather video market research in the field. Our pod can pop up quickly at any event and is staffed by our friendly hosts who will guide your customers into the pod and put them at ease.

Listen to what the public are saying with all your research and survey questions answered on video

All our booth share an interactive screen and sound system which can be used to show pictures, video or questions to the respondent. Recorded material can be provided on DVD or online afterwards or can be edited to suit your brief. With a range of seating options inside the booth, guests can record messages together or individually.

Are you listening?

The feedback provided by our pop up Big Brother style Diary Room video booth could give you some invaluable customer satisfaction video survey results and find out what the people really think about you and how you can improve your services or products.

Here are just some of the companies and groups we have worked with, from product testing feedback videos to public health surveys.

Prices from £750+VAT per day, discounts available for extra pods and multiple bookings.