For Weddings

Imagine the fun your wedding guests will have leaving you a message on your wedding day and imagine the fun you will have watching it back afterwards! The booth will be set up discreetly during your wedding breakfast in a quiet location and will be open until 10pm at night to record messages. A gazeebo is available for outdoor events and all the material filmed is edited into a fun, watchable USB with an option to show highlights online straight after the event. Our prop box is available to inspire your guests as they talk to our hidden camera and answer the questions that they see and hear on the screen. The questions your guests answer are chosen and created by you before the big day, a process we are always happy to guide you with.

  • Who are you?
  • Can you tell me a funny story about the bride or groom?
  • In 3 words please describe the day
  • Please sing along to the song your about to hear
  • Finally do you have a special message for the bride of groom?

Prices from £595+VAT

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For more information or to arrange a demonstration at your chosen venue contact Gary or Mark on 0208 301 4549

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